The story Sky shared at his Singapore concert

Sky told this story at his recent concert in Singapore, as a testimony of the effort he puts into learning English.

I’ve attempted to transcribe the story verbatim. There are some parts I could not catch very well though, which explains why there are a few ungrammatical sentences. So, here goes:




Music Rambling

The last time Sky Wu held a solo concert in Singapore was in 2012. After five years, he was back in Singapore for a one-night only concert, “重逢15伍思凯“最爱是你”演唱会”, on 29 July 2017.

With Sky Wu, you know the music and singing were going to be awesome. He delivered that, and much more.

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Happy birthday, Sky!

Sky in Singapore for concert in 2011?

Sky posted on his 微博 (Sina’s version of Twitter) that his double bill concert with Jeff Chang, 张牙伍抓, could be back in Southeast Asia, United States and Canada next year.

伍思凯微博 30 Sep 2010

Although we are all hoping for Sky’s solo concert, a concert with Jeff Chang should be just as good. After all, the last 张牙伍抓 series of concerts in 2004 was fabulous!

Update, 1 October 2010: Follow Sky on Weibo: (Update, 7 August 2017) Go! Go! Go!

Happy birthday, Sky!

Today is special, because it’s Sky’s birthday.


♫ 就在今天

Happy Birthday To You ♪

And Pieces of Sky is 10 today!

Thanks to Jess who reminded me.

Time flies. I didn’t realise it’s been so long.

Thanks to everyone who visits this website, some since its previous incarnation on the now defunct Geocities. I’m glad to have known some Sky fans and made a few friends because of this website. And it keeps me going knowing that you drop by here every now and then. 🙂

I’ll be back with more.

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